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One might ask why a new user thinks they can lecture the rest of us on our own process

Can you explain why provoking disagreements with, so far, 4 sysops including 2 developers in a single hour isn't trolling?

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  • 123a CR123a Lithium flashlight battery <link here>
  • 1L, 2L, .. Flashlight with 1, 2 or x lithium CR123 batteries
  • 1W, 5W, .. Wattage of bulbs or LEDs, usually Luxeon LEDs
  • 30mm A popular add-in reflector <link here>
  • AA Type of battery <link here>
  • AAA Type of battery <link here>
  • A2 SureFire Aviator 2 flashlight <link here>
  • ARC Arc flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • ARC AAA,LS Arc flashlight models <link here>
  • Arctic Heat conducting adhesive <link here>
  • BB BadBoy sandwich dropin <link here>
  • BTW By The Way
  • Bump Refresh the CPF link so it displays as recent
  • BTTT Back To The Top - same as Bump - make link recent
  • CM Premier modder <link here>
  • CMG Flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • CNC ?? Numerically Controlled machining <link here>
  • CONUS Continental United States (for shipping)
  • CPF CandlePowerForums (where you are now)
  • CR123a Popular lithium batteries <link here>
  • CR2 ?? batteries <link here>
  • DAT2ZIP Wayne, proprietor of Sandwich Shoppe <link here>
  • DD Direct Drive ?? <link here>
  • Don Premier modder McGizmo <link here>
  • DP Daily Power battery manufacturer <link here>
  • DSpeck Premier modder <link here>
  • E2C Adapter for Surefire E-series to ??? <link here>
  • E2E Surefire E2 Executive <link here>
  • E2O SureFire E2 Outdoorsman ? <link here?
  • e-can ?? <link here>
  • EDC Every Day Carry
  • EL ElectroLumens premier modder/mfg <link here>
  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions <link here>
  • FF Firefly custom flashlight <link here>
  • FRAEN New optic for Luxeons <link here>
  • FYI For Your Information (you must know this one)
  • G2 Surefire flashlight <link here>
  • HA, HAII Hard Anodized aluminum surface treatment <link here>
  • HD Luxeon high dome emitter <link here>
  • HID ?? type of light technology <link here>
  • HOLA ??high output lamp assembly <link here>
  • HotBeam Premier modder <link here>
  • IMO In My Opinion
  • IMHO In My Humble Opinion
  • KL1,2,3 Surefire LED flashlight heads <link here>
  • L1, L4 SureFire LED flashlight
  • LA ??lamp assembly
  • Lambda Premier modder <link here>
  • LD Low Dome Luxeon emitter <link here>
  • LED Light Emitting Diode - a type of light emitter <link here>
  • LGI ???
  • LNIB Like New In Box
  • LOL ?? Lots of Luck? lots of laughs
  • LP Low Profile - associated with LED optics
  • LS Luxeon ??
  • LS4,5 Eagerly awaited models from Arc Flashlight <link here>
  • LSH (-P,-S) Arc flashlight <link here>
  • LSL (-P,-S) Arc flashlight <link here>
  • Lux A measure of light intensity <link here>
  • LXHL Prefix part number for Luxeon LEDs ??
  • M3,6 SureFire flashlight bezels ?? <link here>
  • MAG, M@G MagLite flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • mA milli-amperes a measure of current <link here>
  • mAh milli-ampere-hours a measure of battery capacity <link here>
  • McGizmo Premier modder <link here>
  • MM, MM+ MadMax dropin sandwich <link here>
  • MMM ??
  • MN02,03,xx Surefire incandescent e-series heads <link here>
  • Mr Bulk Premier modder <link here>
  • MR-X Eagerly anticipated custom flashlight <link here>
  • MOD Modified flashlight
  • N-cell ?? some other type of tiny battery <link here>
  • NF Streamlight Night Fighter flashlight <link here>
  • NiCad Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery type <link here>
  • NiMh Nickel-Metal-Hydride - high-capacity rechargeable battery type <link here>
  • NX01 Optic used with Luxeon LEDs <link here>
  • NX05 Optic used with Luxeon LEDs <link here>
  • P2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • P60,61 SureFire incandescent flashlight heads <link here>
  • PAL Flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • PITA Pain In The Ass
  • PM Personal message - click on a person's name, then "Send Personal Message"
  • PM6 Pelican M6 <link here>
  • PP Paypal - a common way of sending money <link here>
  • PT PrincetonTech flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • Q2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • R2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • RSN Real Soon Now
  • S2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • SF Surefire flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • SL Streamlight flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • SN, SN2 Space Needle (& II) custom flashlight <link here>
  • Sonic A CMG flashlight <link here>
  • STOP Custom light <link here>
  • T2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • TEC PrincetonTech flashlight <link here>
  • TL TigerLight flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • TL1,2,3 StreamLight TaskLights <link here>
  • TT StreamLight Twin Task flashlights <link here>
  • TW Tactical Warehouse - flashlight dealer <link here>
  • TW1,2,3,4 Modified Surefire L4 configurations <link here>
  • U2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • UBH Universal Battery Holder <link here>
  • Ultra A CMG AA flashlight <link here>
  • USPS US Postal Service
  • V2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • W2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • Wayne Premier modder <link here>
  • Wayne Proprietor of Sandwich Shoppe <link here>
  • WO Wide open ?? <link here>
  • WTS/B/T/F Wanted to Sell, Buy, Trade, Find
  • X2x,3x,.. Luxeon bin ratings <link here>
  • X1 A flashlight by Inova <link here>
  • X5T A flashlight by Inova <link here>
  • UK Underwater Kinetics flashlight manufacturer <link here>
  • YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
  • Z51,57,xx SureFire tailcap clickies <link here>

This page has been listed on Wikipedia:Votes for deletion. Please see that page for justifications and discussion.

Judeofascism is a term used by polticial scientists for groups within the Zionist and Jewish Orthodox movement; compare to Islamofascism.

Judeofascism believe that Jews but not Palestinians are entitled to a country of their own. This is indicative of considering Palestinians to be inferior, which is the definition of racism. Racism is generally regarded as an important aspect of fasicsm in general and Judeofascism in particular.

Judeofascism generally is in favor of subjecting Palestinians to ethnical cleansing; it opposes the right of return for Palestinians but endorses it for Jews with no relation to Palestine. The settler movement in the occupied Palestinian territories is an imoportant part of the Judeofascism phenomenon.

In 100 words or less: I'm not here to discuss me. If you want to discuss me, don't expect my participation or cooperation. If you want to discuss an edit, I participate in talk pages for my edits. If your opinion is that I am a troll, thanks for the WikiLove and fuck off. If your opinion is that I am not a troll, thanks for the WikiLove, hugs all around. I will not debate the content of this post, I will be blanking it tomorrow, I will wiki aggressively, I will illuminate hypocrisy, and I won't apologize. -BuddhaInside

(cur) (last) . . 18:04, 26 Sep 2003 . . [X] (Restoring text censored by pro-Artab participants. Whitewashing this man's statements and actions is a gross act of censorship.)

In July 2000 Said travelled to Lebanon, where along with other Arabs he began hurling large rocks into Israel towards a group of Israeli soldiers. Agence France Press released a photograph showing him during this attack. When asked about this event, Said told reporters that this was "a symbolic gesture of joy", and aimed at an empty place. Eyewitnesses claim that Said was lying; The London Daily Post reported that Said was observed hurling stones, in a group, at Israel soldiers in an Israeli watchtower.

Dr. Said was criticised for this action by the moderate Arab Press. A report in the Beirut Daily Star stated that they were disappointed that a scholar "who has labored . . . to dispel stereotypes about Arabs being 'violent'" reversed couse, and let himself "be swayed by a crowd into picking up a stone and lofting it across the international border." The student newspaper of his alma mata, the Columbia Daily Spectator, commented that Said's ?hypocritical violent action? was ?alien to this or any other institution of higher learning.?

Several months later, in an interview with an Israeli newspaper (Haaretz English Edition, Aug. 18, 2000) Said reversed his story, and denied his previous description. He now claims "in fact what happened was that my son and some of the other young men were trying to see who could throw stones furthest. And since my son is a rather big fellow - he is an American who plays baseball - he threw furthest. My daughter said to me, 'Daddy can you throw a stone as far as Wadia?' and that of course stirred the usual kind of oedipal competition. So I picked up a stone and threw it." This latest revision is commonl held to be fallacious.

I was just in the process of deleting the junk text that [X] inserted but Y beat me to it. Since when does throwing a stone towards someone constitute an "attack"? Not only is it disputed whether there were soldiers nearby, nobody but nobody who was a witness ever claimed that soldiers were within stone range. If they were "in a watchtower", they certainly weren't in range. So it wasn't an "attack" at all, except in the most symbolic sense. And look at the rest of this crap. The London Daily Post has not published anything since 1746. What incredible prophetic powers! Let's see what else... the opinions of a Lebanese newspaper that [X] wouldn't quote in a fit if they wrote something anti-Israeli, plus the rhetoric of some damn student newspaper! How would they know what Said did in Lebanon? Why not quote my Aunt Mable who said, "That Professor Edward, he's so kind he couldn't hurt a flea!"? No, this "incident" was never more than a politically-motivated beat-up and there are hundreds of things more deserving of inclusion in the article. --Z 15:01, 26 Sep 2003 (UTC)

List of sex partners of Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton was impeach in part because of his large sexual appettite. Known partners of his include:

Hillary Clinton Gennifer Flowers Monica


Paula Jones

Exact origins are unknown, but Fisher's Deduction is a maxim or meme found in USENET and other online discussions, similarly to Godwin's Law. The generally recognised statement of the deduction is:

"The more issues that a person crudely shoehorns down into a liberal/conservative dichotomy, the more certain you can be that the person is American"

As with Godwin's Law this has spawned some natural corollaries:

Parson's Razor: If an issue sustains a plurality of viewpoints, the most aggressively simplistic black and white interpretation is probably the American one.

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