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Tomasso is a pseudonym infrequently employed by Adam Matthew Robbins. It refers to Tomasso dei Cavalieri, an "intelligent young nobleman" who captured the heart of Michelangelo Buonarroti.

The name was first discovered in a Harvard course on the artist's prodigious works. A titillating drawing of young Ganymede's abduction was dedicated to the young Tomasso and, though the overtones are obvious, the precise nature of the men's relationship is not.

Mr. Robbins is, like Mr. Di Cavalieri, rather intelligent, rather young, and (on occasion) rather noble. Unlike his Renaissance counterpart, Mr. Robbins' homosexuality has been confirmed on many occassions.

Currently, he can be found in Minneapolis, while his boyfriend-of-just-over-six-years pursues his PhD in the literature and culture of the modern Chinese-speaking world.

Mr. Robbins considers himself an unruly student of history, an armchair political analyst, an amateur digital photographer, a neophyte professional, an undisciplined scholar of post-modern everything, and a potential gay rights activist.